Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

I'm writing this as more of an update to my more distant family and friends. I've told most people about my struggles at The University of South Carolina. Going as a transfer student, issues with finding parking, roommates who never carried their fair share of the house work and left me to clean up after... Continue Reading →

Old Things Are Timeless

In an age where most everything is dispensable, I love being able to find solid pieces that made it through the age of "out with the old, in with the new". New things just break so easily, the craftmanship of this generation just doesn't stand the test of time like old pieces do, and for... Continue Reading →

Disney Dreams = Adulthood Screams

Imagine this, you're a child. You don't know black from white, good from bad, you don't even know that overalls aren't a good look when paired with rain boots (a concept I still fail to grasp). You go to Disney, the world is bliss and you can't see any trouble in tomorrow. You beg for... Continue Reading →

I Have Like, Thirty Kids.

I get asked all the time "why teaching? You'll never make any money." That might be true, I'll never be the wealthiest woman alive. You can major in something that makes you happy, or something that makes money. Sure, they sometimes meet in the middle and you get the best of both worlds, but I... Continue Reading →

Birthday Party For One

Have you ever considered how it would feel to throw a birthday party where the guest of honor never showed? I face that harsh reality on April 3rd of every year. It's just a day, just a moment in time, and just a distant memory. Yet, I find myself feeling a little blue (no pun... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shop Thoughts

I spend many an hour at Columbia's local coffee shop; Drip. It's a part of my Tuesday regimen to sit here and work on assignments until I brave trekking about campus for my evening class. I find peace in nursing a lone cup of coffee or tea while I work on schoolwork and engage in... Continue Reading →

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