It’s Always Sunny In Cola! (Just Kidding, It Always Changes)

Good evening lovelies! What did you accomplish today?

The weather here has me in the mood to ride my bike somewhere, I have no idea where, but definitely somewhere. After a few weeks of ups and downs in the temperature department, I think all of Columbia can agree this is what we’ve been waiting for. With that being said, I can confirm spring is well on its way here in the good ol’ south and I couldn’t be more pleased. The tea olives in front of my house are in full bloom and they smell phenomenal. It beats the dogwood lined street smell of Charlotte (they’re gorgeous, they just smell like something died and doused itself in feet). Allergy season is among us folks, you better have some Claritin on deck. There’s just something about spring that makes me want to put flowers in my hair and prance around.
So what’re my spring “must haves”? Upon waking up this morning, I instinctively sought out my highly-waisted (I know that’s not a word) sunflower shorts and a comfy T-shirt. This is the type of weather that does a “look” well, as it’s not hot enough to melt off my foundation, and my hair can flow freely knowing the humidity isn’t out to get me.

Makeup details:
Face: L’Oreal pro glow foundation in the shade 202, Anastasia cream contour palette in light/medium, Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour blush in “Fetish”, Benefit Cosmetics “Watts up” (highlight), and to top it off, NYX Cosmetics matte setting spray.
Eyes: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in “Eden”, I used “Bathwater” from the UDxGwenStefani palette on my lid as a base, topped it with Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eyeshadow in “pixie dust” (ask if you’d like details on how I apply this, as it’s quite the task), in the crease, I used the UDxGwenStefani palette in the shade “anaheim”, then under the brow I used the UDxGwenStefani shade “Blonde”. Eyeliner is Benefit Cosmetics Push Up liner (my absolute favorite), and the mascara is just Falsies Push-Up drama (cheap and amazing).
Lips: Too Faced “Melted Fig” with a tiny bit of NYX “Sydney” to break up some of the purple tones.
Brows: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in “Granite” (another one of my absolute favorites, it’s so hard to find a black eyebrow product that doesn’t wash me out or make me look like a Disney villain)

Outfit details:
Shorts: Topshop from a million years ago.
Shirt: Enemy To Fashion from like two years ago, they’re a Charlotte fashion brand with some fantastic stuff, check em’ out!
Shoes: I didn’t wear any, whoops.

Forever and Always,

Song listened to while I wrote this? “Kiss N Tell” by Ke$ha

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