Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out

I’m writing this as more of an update to my more distant family and friends. I’ve told most people about my struggles at The University of South Carolina. Going as a transfer student, issues with finding parking, roommates who never carried their fair share of the house work and left me to clean up after them, difficulties in my classes and lacking the courage to seek help with it until it was too late, my poor dog’s unending health issues and the emotional and financial stress that it put me in, struggling to find friends and keep them, often working two jobs, not making it into any sorority, realizing that some people only want to be your friend when it’s a financial benefit to them, the list goes on and on. Don’t get my wrong, there were some positive things that came out of moving to Columbia, the biggest one being that I met my current boyfriend who has made life so much sweeter for me. I learned a lot moving somewhere that I had no connection to. One of them being; despite your kindness, girls will still make rumors about you and say mean things about you no matter what, even when they’re ten years older than you and they’re supposed to be your work superior. Another thing, not all workplaces are catty. My current workplace has the most amazing humans, and we all respect each other. Another lesson: do not use vanilla soymilk in your easy mac, it’ll only bring you disappointment.
All of these little lessons led to larger realizations. The fact of the matter is that I’m just not cut out for college at USC. I’m four years into school and credit wise, I’m a sophomore. How discouraging. I’m not into the party thing, I don’t get the point. Why make memories you’ll never remember in the morning? The only gameday experience I have is sitting in traffic for hours because my house is located across from the stadium.
Being here definitely showed me who I should hold near and dear to me. My grandparents for the unending support, my best friend; Hunter for always remembering me and making time for me even though I know how busy she is, my boyfriend; Solen who started out as a friend who listened to my issues and stood up for me in a toxic work environment, my sister; Kaitlyn who isn’t really my sister but might as well be for sending me memes to get through the day and reminding me that I’m not complete garbage even when I was at my lowest, my actual sister; Kaleen who visited me multiple times even when she couldn’t afford to, my aunt; who took a genuine interest in my day to day struggles, and my friend; Jenni who became my friend when I needed it most.
So, once my lease is up in Columbia; I will be moving back to the Charlotte area with my boyfriend and our two fur children. I have a prospective job opportunity in a hospital that will fund the next step in my plan, I’m planning to go to a small tech school to get certified as a sonographer (which makes double what I would’ve made as a teacher), and I plan to just be happy. I’ll be closer to my grandparents and my little sister, my best friend is moving back to the area once she graduates with a degree in nursing (Hunter Frank, RN has a nice ring to it), and I will no longer have to play “mom” to people who clearly haven’t mopped a floor in their entire lives. Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to see what the future holds. I don’t look at this as me giving up, I look at it as a lesson on figuring things out, and I think I’m actually getting there. So YAY!

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