Okay, But Who Is She?

Hello there, gorgeous! I’m Destinee; just your average, everyday college student – with a twist. I was born in Port Charlotte, Florida; fast forward 20 years and I somehow found myself in Columbia, South Carolina studying to be a teacher. How? I like to think I beat the odds. I totally expected to be living in a trashcan, much like Oscar the Grouch by now.
I spend a majority of my time creating fictional short stories and narratives no one will ever read, until now! I enjoy traveling, painting, petting dogs, eating soybeans, and talking to my animals like they’re my children.

Writer//Fashionista//Makeup Guru//DIY junkie//Vintage Finder//Animal Advocate//Hopeless Romantic//Hooper//Hair Dye Addict//Literature Fiend//Music Fanatic//Old Soul//PMA//

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